• Residential Painting in New York

    Residential Painting in New York
    Residential Painting in New York

    If the time has come for you to paint your residence, you will surely have doubts about the colors to choose. Not only do we have to take into account our personal taste, but other criteria such as the amount of natural light that the house receives due to its height and orientation or the style of it.

    Affordable Interior Painting offers a variety of products and services that include:

    Interior services:

    We understand that interior painting requires a special level of care and attention to detail. Our team of professionals throughout the year has painted interiors of the area for more than ten years.
    Painting with premium paint.
    Walls and ceilings with texture, knock down, orange peel
    Acoustic elimination
    Repair, curb and installation of drywall
    Caulking and sealing of windows, doors and baseboards
    Installation of moldings, crown moldings, base plates, housing.
    Elimination of funds
    Peeling and refinishing dyed moldings and cabinets
    External services.

    Affordable Interior Painting has painted hundreds of homes in the Brooklyn and Manhattan area. Our professionals throughout the year will provide you with a superior level of labor at a competitive price.

    Custom paint with superior quality paint.
    Electrometric coatings.
    Pressure wash.
    Stucco repair
    Light carpentry service
    Mold treatment
    Glazing, windows and door frames.
    Caulking of seams and wraps.
    We know exactly what we do, we carry out a preliminary study of the different spaces to be painted and the different colors that we can apply, as a kind of virtual tour, in which we evaluate how the transition from one color to another will be, for example a painted corridor In a soft tone, when you step into a room painted in a very strong tone, it is shocking and unprofessional. With us this will not happen since you will have the perfect combination of colors on each wall of your house that will harmonize the environment .

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    Residential Painting in New York
    Residential Painting in New York

    We have a page with complete information about our company and the services we provide, and for any questions we have available our social networks, contact form and phone line.


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