• Exterior Painting in New York

    Exterior Painting in New York
    Exterior Painting in New York

    At the time of changing the exterior of your house it is necessary that you use suitable paintings that last the longest time and that are of quality to avoid performing this procedure several times a year, for this you have the Affordable Interior Paiting team, in addition to provide you with the best paintings for the exterior of your residence, we ensure that our work is of quality and is up to our customers.

    We have great experience in the world of color, brand and type, that is why always at the time of doing our work we previously studied the area to apply the paint between them, the weather determines an important factor since it is not the same to apply paint in cold environment that hot. On the other hand, if the weather is very changeable, it is more likely that the paint will fall or damage more easily. That is why you will have more than one hand to help you when remodeling and painting the exterior of your home.

    We always keep in mind that the outside of the house is your cover letter, so we think very well about the color to be used for your facade, and that it is simply impressive.

    For exteriors, we generally apply soft colors such as white or pastel, of course once the climate of the area where the residence is located is known. We also use the best brands of paints to provide a better finish and keep the walls clean for a long time.

    Of course, if the walls we are going to paint are damaged, we will apply the appropriate solutions to restore them in their entirety and then proceed to give the color you dream of. For this we usually apply a sealant on the walls so that it has a better finish to the surface, then sand it until it is finely smooth

    When the wall has moisture, we eliminate that malicious area using cement and some patches so that this situation does not happen again. There are times when the problem comes from the roof so we also check the areas surrounding the residence.

    One of the techniques preferred by our experts is to paint with sand, a bit strange, but this is how it helps to texture the paint, to generally apply it on ceilings and walls also achieving a spectacular finish to your home.

    In our catalog we have many ideas and colors that we can apply to the outside of your home. You just have to contact us to get to know them and the best at the best prices.

    Article created based on: Maria G. Sotillo (2016).

    Exterior Painting in New York
    Exterior Painting in New York. Photo by Juli├ín Gentilezza on Unsplash

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