• Installation of wooden floors in New York

     Installation of wooden floors in New York
     Installation of wooden floors in New York

    The wooden floors definitely add a value to your home and give it a beautiful appearance. Wood floors last longer and are more practical than many other types of floors. It is very difficult today to find a homeowner who would not like to have hardwood floors for their home. The environments with wall carpets in pairs are fashionable while the wooden floors are being used every day.

    For some time, solid wood has been the material traditionally used to make floors. She gives a room an elegant and classic touch, and it is for a good reason: solid wood floors last a long time, of course not in all areas it is installable due to temperature and humidity factors.

    Actually there are many reasons why you should install wooden floors in your residence, room, etc. Then Affordable Interior Paiting offers you the advantages of having wooden floors:

    1. Longevity

    Thanks to their durable finishes that are easy to repair, solid wood floors can last up to a hundred years or more. There are very few materials for paving floors that have withstood the action of time like wooden floors. Over the centuries, it has proven to be a beautiful and durable option for floors. Other new materials have to prove their warranty as the years go by.

    2. Comfort and warmth

    Hardwood floors are not only more pleasant to walk than laminated wood floors that always feel cold and like "plastic" underfoot. Wood is an excellent insulator, thanks to its thousands of tiny air chambers per cubic centimeter, which retains heat.

    3. Hypoallergenic

    Do you have allergies? Unlike rugs, the wooden floor does not give pollen, animal dander, mold, etc. and does not offer any place where something can hide and develop. Even when the carpets are steam cleaned, it is impossible to be sure that you have achieved a complete cleaning. In fact, wetting them only makes things worse. Wood floors is an excellent choice for anyone with any type of environmental allergies.

    4. Easy to clean

    A little sweep and light mopping and its hardwood floors are maintained with a pleasant feeling for a long time. Even families with dogs and children realize that it is easier to clean a hardwood floor than spray cleaning or washing a carpet.
    In short, there are plenty of reasons to decide to give a 360 ° turn to your residence with our spectacular designs and the best wood that exists in the market so that besides class and elegance, they are practically indestructible. Contact us and get to know our special offers and projects.

    Article created based on: Ventajas y beneficios de los Pisos de Madera (2017).

     Installation of wooden floors in New York
     Installation of wooden floors in New York.Photo by Jolene Hardy on Unsplash

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