• Painting and remodeling of kitchen cabinets in New York

    Painting and remodeling of kitchen cabinets in New York

    The kitchens are the meeting point of the family, so it is necessary to create a comfortable and attractive space to share a pleasant moment. This is how cabinets for modern kitchens help give a plus to interior decoration.

    For most people who spend part of their daily cooking time, they know that the order to find ingredients and utensils is essential, especially if you have to finish quickly and do not want to work with just a ham sandwich in a badly cut bread, that is why modern designs for kitchen cabinets, among others, are essential to take into account when building or remodeling your kitchen.

    The kitchen cabinets are the pieces that give personality to the kitchen. But in addition to beautiful, they must be functional. When choosing, it is advisable to let yourself be carried away by personal preferences in terms of design, but it is also important to know the advantages of each material. After all, it lasts 20 years on average.

    Affordable Interior Paiting, has diversity of models and colors for your kitchen, since we perform installation, or remodeling of those that you already own, as well as painting service for them so that with little money you will have practically new and dazzling cabinets.

    Here we present cabinets with the colors most requested by our customers and the advantages of applying them:

    An increasingly common trend in kitchen decoration is the combination of two tones in the furniture. To avoid monotonous kitchens, the cupboards above and below are not painted the same color, but we seek to create contrasts, and in the process to get personal kitchens and with character

    Black and White a combination that does not fail. Black, used in the right dose, gives depth to the room, while white enhances the sensation of spaciousness and luminosity. In addition, as both combine with any color, there is no problem in putting some brushstroke of another color.

    Strong colors. A more modern and daring alternative to the traditional combinations of white with wood, black or any other tone is to bet on a duo of great visual impact formed two antagonistic colors, opposite in the chromatic circle, like red and blue. In this type of decoration the use of white is important, since it lightens the whole.

    Are you attracted to blue kitchens? Undoubtedly, blue kitchen cabinets are synonymous with creating a modern kitchen, with an open atmosphere that will ensure excellent living and is perfect for receiving guests for everything that this color conveys.

    We can tell you many designs and colors for your kitchen cabinets, you just have to contact us through our regular communication channels and you will get to know them in depth along with our promotions and other services.

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