• Painting of Apartments in New York

    Painting of Apartments in New York
    Painting of Apartments in New York

    The decoration, and as the basis of the color of the walls, of a small-sized apartment you have to take some aspects into account to achieve a visual expansion of the proportions, in addition to taking advantage of every inch of its surface.

    The colors of the walls

    It is known that light colors, especially white, expand spaces as we say in Create effects with colors, so opt for pastel shades of any shade is the most recommended. Avoid dark and hot colors too strong or bright.

    Paint white walls to enhance luminosity

    If what you are looking for is to enhance the luminosity, give a feeling of spaciousness and highlight the open spaces, the option of painting for white walls is, without doubt, the most appropriate. In addition, it is a trend that seems to stay a long time in our hand in hand with the Nordic decoration.

    Contrasts of white walls and intense colors

    A rising trend in interior design is to paint walls with a palette of contrasting colors.

    We chose bold paint colors that bring a bit of theatricality to the decoration, and face the white of the rest of the walls: red, purple, bottle green, indigo blue are some of our proposals of deep colors faced with white canvases.

    Paint in colors for soft walls

    Soft colors are a trend, and this time they are not associated with classic decoration like a few decades ago. The "ice" tones transmit the serenity of the Nordic landscapes and have an organic point, inviting rest and relaxation. In environments painted with pastel colors, the sensations of harmony and calm prevail against the stress of the outside world.

    For Affordable Interior Paiting, it will be a fun and stimulating task in the painting of your apartment we choose the tones that best enhance the decoration, luminosity or lifestyle you want. We have all the keys and a large number of ideas with the best colors to paint a house. we create a unique atmosphere that relaxes you, makes you comfortable and enhances the best of interior decoration.

    Whatever your choice of wall colors, a good paint company like ours will know how to advise you on the tone that best suits your tastes and the space you have available, and will show you the color palette you want. To find professional painters, who meet deadlines are clean and do the work accurately and with quality paintings you just have to contact us and you will be surprised. If you also want to paint the different color rooms it is necessary that you have some support to teach us and thus you will be able to obtain a more optimal answer about the colors you are looking for.

    We want to share our work with you and be part of the harmony, relaxation, elegance and class that our colors bring from the hand of our experts. Contact us to expand this information.

    Article built on the basis of: Colores y decoración para apartamentos pequeños (n.d.), Eva (2016).

    Painting of Apartments in New York
    Painting of Apartments in New York

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