• Carpentry in New York

    Carpentry in New York
    Carpentry in New York

    Carpentry is the name of the trade and of the workshop or place where both wood and its derivatives are worked, and whoever exercises it is called a carpenter. Its objective is to change the physical form of the raw material to create useful objects for human development, such as furniture for the home, door frames, moldings, toys, desks, bookstores and others.

    The trade of the carpenter is the work with the wood, either in the construction (doors, windows, etc.) or in the manufacture of furniture. The cabinetmaker is the carpenter specialized in the elaboration of furniture and other more elaborate works oriented to decoration fundamentally.

    The work of wood is one of the oldest human industry activities that exist, so in each culture and region we will find different ways and tools to work with this material.

    Originally, one of the main manufactures in the carpentry was the doors and windows. Due to the appearance of new materials for the elaboration of doors and windows, the wooden one has been replaced by aluminum or PVC, and the old carpenters who worked with wood specialized in the realization of these manufactures also known as metallic carpentry, «Aluminum joinery» and «PVC joinery».

    A carpenter is an expert craftsman who performs carpentry work. Carpenters use wood to build, install and maintain buildings, furniture and other objects.

    We are currently at a time when it is necessary to redirect the construction sector towards a more sustainable development, trying to satisfy current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs.

    To comply with these guidelines, wood and its derived products are the most suitable materials for this, both for its technical and environmental qualities.

    In addition to being an ecological material, it brings together another series of properties, such as strength, durability, adaptability, versatility, etc., which make it one of the benchmarks of habitat, decoration, construction, packaging and packaging of the XXI century etc .

    In Affordable Interior Painting, we carry out spectacular woodwork thanks to our team of carpentry professionals, from the simplest to the most complex works, from small cabinets to complex sets of rooms, doors for cabinets, cabinets for kitchens and many more. , using the best wood that exists in the market.

    We have the best variety of products and projects made of wood, if you want to know, contact us and get to know our offers.

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    Carpentry in New York
    Carpentry in New York. Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

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