• Gypsum wall repair in New York

    Gypsum wall repair in New York
    Gypsum wall repair in New York

    Gypsum boards or panels are widely used for the construction or coverage of interior walls, mainly because they are very comfortable to work with and their placement demands less time to work. However, the passage of time or some accidents can cause damage (such as bumps, dents, cracks or holes) on its surface, which can be easily repaired to avoid replacement of the entire panel.

    The repair work will depend on the degree of damage suffered by the plaster wall, since it is not the same to cover a small or medium crack as a hole the size of a fist that crosses the panel from side to side. In any case, it is always advisable to clean up these marks before they spread. Professional labor is needed for that purpose and that is why Affordable Interior Painting is always on your side both to give beauty and style to your home, as well as to repair those spaces that have deteriorated.

    Depending on the magnitude of the damage we apply one method or another, for example if it is a shallow crack, what we generally do is to enlarge them a little more in a V shape using a spatula, a cutter knife or a triangular scraper, to then remove the dust in the damaged area.

    Next, fill the crack by applying the compound of plaster or putty in joint paste using a spatula to extend it in several passes perpendicular to the crack, making sure that the surface is as smooth as possible. Then we wait a considerable time, usually 12 hours, we finish smoothing the area completely.

    But not always the damages generated are small, for it we use a different technique which consists of the application of a mesh or adhesive tape of fiberglass with which we cover the hole avoiding that the damage extends over time.

    We can also screw something that can fill the space, and then apply a thin layer of gypsum material on the surface of the "filler" material.

    And so on, we have many other techniques since we not only work repairing the damage to plaster walls we can also do it on the roof, but we would have to prepare much more than one article to be able to capture our knowledge. There is no better way to know our techniques than visualizing our work directly, that is why we recommend that you contact us to show you our jobs and our promotions and if you receive our services that we assure you will want to request.

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    Gypsum wall repair in New York
    Gypsum wall repair in New York.. Photo by Renata Fraga on Unsplash

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