venetian-plastering Brooklyn

Venetian plaster can be applied in an infinite variety of ways from a glassy shine mimicking marble to the matte, layered and rough texture of ancient plaster. Venetian Plaster has a long and proud history. Artisans have used venetian plaster for millennia. Affordable Interior Paiting New York is proud to carry on the tradition in New York City. Venetian Plaster will add new dimensions of color, depth and texture to your walls. Create walls that are subtle, understated and sophisticated, or colorful and dramatic backgrounds for your life. This is the opportunity to give your home a character all its own. Venetian Plaster wall finishes are natural, lime and marble based, color integrated, non-toxic, eco-friendly, authentic mineral finishes used in place of paint on interior and exterior surfaces. Lime plasters are breathable, water tolerant, absorb carbon dioxide, are naturally resistant to mildew and fungus, and absorb excess humidity. Lime and marble plasters have been used for millennia to decorate the walls of palaces, royal tombs and great monuments throughout the world. Today, these products continue to be used to enhance prestigious homes and buildings far and wide. Lime plasters and paints can transform simple walls into works of art. Venetian Plaster is utilized in both traditional and contemporary architectural styles, including Tuscan, Southwest, Santa Fe, French, log home, craftsman, and modern designs. We have been working with designers, architects, construction companies, residential and commercial clients for the past 10 years both new York and New Jersey. During this period of time we have gained the knowledge of applying color by using a wide variety of techniques and solutions. We enjoy working with deep, rich and heavy hues as well as extremely subtle off white tones and soft textures, but Venetian plaster projects are all time favorites. We believe that every project deserves special attention, and by acquiring our expertise You can be assured that your most challenging demands will be met with reliability, Timely completion, competitive pricing and high quality of workmanship.

Bedrooms, bathrooms
​Cabinets, hand railings
​Crown moldings
​​Kitchens, laundry rooms
​French doors
​Family rooms, play rooms
​Walls, ceilings, doors
​Living rooms, dining rooms