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We are experienced painters abroad specialized in high quality exterior painting (pressure washing, tiles, moldings, aluminum finish and spray paint). quality work, fair rates and reliable service make us gain a great reputation among customers and differentiate us from the competition.

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Our Skills

We focus on various activities in regard to the interior of your residence, office, commercial premises, among which stand out: professional painting, remodeling of bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, repair, woodwork and much more.

Interior Professional Painting 90%
Carpentry 70%
Remodeling 95%
Repair 60%

Gypsum Wall Repair

Affordable Interior Painting is always on your side both to give beauty and style to your home, as well as to repair those spaces that have deteriorated.

Venetian Stucco

We work the Venetian stucco in different areas: cement, plaster, wood, resulting in incredible finishes that will inspire a royal atmosphere.

Professional Paiting

With a large palette of colors corresponding to the best brands of paintings on the market our team of professionals with their brushstrokes fill your interior with color and harmony.

Modern design

Each job is made with the most innovative tools and a highly creative staff to satisfy the most demanding clients. The best of all is that we do it in record time at the best price.

Retina ready

Your eyes will be fixed to see our great projects in regard to remodeling, painting, carpentry and the installation of our wooden floors.

Certified Quality

With more than 10 years of experience, our quality is certified throughout New York, with a broad portfolio of clients who have been very satisfied with our services.

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  • Combine Texture Decoration with Bright Colours.

    Enjoy and Explore Creative Ways to Make a Different Decoration

    New York Interior Decoration needs combine texture and colours to make a full joy environment. Keep an elegant room with natural elements. Our Team affordable interior Painting have expert advices and professional designers that know by first hand how to make an impressive job. We wait for you today, call our agents and help us to renovate ideas. Each project is an unic service. Your vision and our experience are an excellent beginning.

    Adding Texture Decoration
    Adding Texture Decoration


    A good option is a carpet. A personal choice is going to change the environment in no time. An Attractive carpet could be artificial material or smooth with colorful design. What an awesome sensation when comes the winter and your family enjoy the warm environment but Summer could be another decoration. 

    Don’t forget our recommendation about colors in small rooms. Bright colours and combination. White/brown, beige, pale colours. Create a beautiful decoration with wood and delicate colours. Roof brighter than walls to make a bigger room.


    Adding  elements that capture attention brings a special dot in decoration. Big Lamps in pale tones are perfect if you combine with reflected glasses in walls. An accent color could be orange, grey or brown. A full joy blue too. The long lamp is going to be the center in decoration this year.

    Lamps in walls is a different way to make a comfortable environment. In Exterior or The stairs, what a wonderful detail. Have a romantic date with Lamps inside room with color lights. Here, affordable interior painting does electricity jobs. Our agents have big abilities setting a rooms for just Married couples.


    Change the Vibe at home with a fresh environment, for example We can tell you the Rattan is an excellent material to keep calm and take a fully deserved rest in free time. Easy to maintenance, Did We say Fresh? Yes, We did. Modern and stylish. Almost anything decoration combine with this kind of natural style. Not Only Rattan, but also silk, cotton, linen, and cork.

    Are You Ready to try something New?

    Design your own furniture to combine your home with natural fibers. A customized basket or chair should be an elegant effect in decoration.

  • Painting the Baby Room

    Waiting for my Baby

    Baby Room
    Baby Room

    Baby Boy or Baby Girl, even if we have a surprise genre, the project comes to be unisex, there's no problem. Our Team have many ideas and each one have a particular decoration.
    We know the decision is hard, our baby deserve good decorative painting and order in the room, not only a beautiful decoration but an easy way to play with the baby and combine the new life parents have to adapt in their routine. We have the solution to this situation and make you feel comfortable with our service and confidence in our professional hands.

    The first topic to start the process is select a warm color, because mood is defined by the environment color. Rose and blue are old colors for this age. Yellow and red are intense colors to give your baby a full rest, in change, turn the decision to peaceful colors, as blue, white or green.

    Black is not a happy option unless you combine the vision adding  a bright color. To make a right decision explain the idea to our agents and They will know how apply and make a better environment in the room. Here in affordable interior painting are prepared to advice a customer. Our worry is always you finally end satisfied with the service.

    There are happy, Sad, and neutral choices. We recommend pastel colors. Experts in decoration indicate that calm colours as grey are perfect in sensation for babies. New York babies need to feel their rooms are designed especially for them and the best emotional peace to grow up.

    Combination is an art of decorative process. Let that part in the professional team as affordable interior painting who can tell you join colours with the comun white. Pale rose, beige, blue or brown. Grey with rose is an awesome paint.  If you want to take a risk We can offer Grey/White/Yellow. An elegant and perfectly babyish in New York. 

    We heard other expert opinions about colours. The important things are luminosity and The room proportion. Small rooms prefer light colours but warm one, for example orange, beige or light yellow, in change blue, purple or green make smaller place. Roof paint is a crucial element, more light than walls make a bigger room.


    Last note: Wallpaper is better, if you want a funny and full joy decoration It is an excellent choice. Vinyls are a beautiful option and chalkboard paint is a creative way to bring your expectations real.
  • Gypsum wall repair in New York

    Gypsum wall repair in New York
    Gypsum wall repair in New York

    Gypsum boards or panels are widely used for the construction or coverage of interior walls, mainly because they are very comfortable to work with and their placement demands less time to work. However, the passage of time or some accidents can cause damage (such as bumps, dents, cracks or holes) on its surface, which can be easily repaired to avoid replacement of the entire panel.

    The repair work will depend on the degree of damage suffered by the plaster wall, since it is not the same to cover a small or medium crack as a hole the size of a fist that crosses the panel from side to side. In any case, it is always advisable to clean up these marks before they spread. Professional labor is needed for that purpose and that is why Affordable Interior Painting is always on your side both to give beauty and style to your home, as well as to repair those spaces that have deteriorated.

    Depending on the magnitude of the damage we apply one method or another, for example if it is a shallow crack, what we generally do is to enlarge them a little more in a V shape using a spatula, a cutter knife or a triangular scraper, to then remove the dust in the damaged area.

    Next, fill the crack by applying the compound of plaster or putty in joint paste using a spatula to extend it in several passes perpendicular to the crack, making sure that the surface is as smooth as possible. Then we wait a considerable time, usually 12 hours, we finish smoothing the area completely.

    But not always the damages generated are small, for it we use a different technique which consists of the application of a mesh or adhesive tape of fiberglass with which we cover the hole avoiding that the damage extends over time.

    We can also screw something that can fill the space, and then apply a thin layer of gypsum material on the surface of the "filler" material.

    And so on, we have many other techniques since we not only work repairing the damage to plaster walls we can also do it on the roof, but we would have to prepare much more than one article to be able to capture our knowledge. There is no better way to know our techniques than visualizing our work directly, that is why we recommend that you contact us to show you our jobs and our promotions and if you receive our services that we assure you will want to request.

    Article created based on: Nilda Nora (n.d.), Cómo reparar daños en paredes y cielo rasos de yeso (n.d.).

    Gypsum wall repair in New York
    Gypsum wall repair in New York.. Photo by Renata Fraga on Unsplash
  • Carpentry in New York

    Carpentry in New York
    Carpentry in New York

    Carpentry is the name of the trade and of the workshop or place where both wood and its derivatives are worked, and whoever exercises it is called a carpenter. Its objective is to change the physical form of the raw material to create useful objects for human development, such as furniture for the home, door frames, moldings, toys, desks, bookstores and others.

    The trade of the carpenter is the work with the wood, either in the construction (doors, windows, etc.) or in the manufacture of furniture. The cabinetmaker is the carpenter specialized in the elaboration of furniture and other more elaborate works oriented to decoration fundamentally.

    The work of wood is one of the oldest human industry activities that exist, so in each culture and region we will find different ways and tools to work with this material.

    Originally, one of the main manufactures in the carpentry was the doors and windows. Due to the appearance of new materials for the elaboration of doors and windows, the wooden one has been replaced by aluminum or PVC, and the old carpenters who worked with wood specialized in the realization of these manufactures also known as metallic carpentry, «Aluminum joinery» and «PVC joinery».

    A carpenter is an expert craftsman who performs carpentry work. Carpenters use wood to build, install and maintain buildings, furniture and other objects.

    We are currently at a time when it is necessary to redirect the construction sector towards a more sustainable development, trying to satisfy current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs.

    To comply with these guidelines, wood and its derived products are the most suitable materials for this, both for its technical and environmental qualities.

    In addition to being an ecological material, it brings together another series of properties, such as strength, durability, adaptability, versatility, etc., which make it one of the benchmarks of habitat, decoration, construction, packaging and packaging of the XXI century etc .

    In Affordable Interior Painting, we carry out spectacular woodwork thanks to our team of carpentry professionals, from the simplest to the most complex works, from small cabinets to complex sets of rooms, doors for cabinets, cabinets for kitchens and many more. , using the best wood that exists in the market.

    We have the best variety of products and projects made of wood, if you want to know, contact us and get to know our offers.

    Article created based on: Trabajos de carpinteria y artesania (n.d.), Ventajas del uso de la madera (n.d.).

    Carpentry in New York
    Carpentry in New York. Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash
  • Wallpaper in New York

    Wallpaper in New York
    Wallpaper in New York

    Wallpaper is a fast and cheap way to radically transform a room without having to do works or invest in any type of furniture. It is able to transform a space in a way that painting can not do it, adding texture, depth and personality with a wide variety of options that go from the type of material used for the primer (paper, vinyl, cork, metallized surfaces, fabrics, ...) to the unlimited options of models, patterns and colors used in printing.

    Although the placement of wallpaper is a relatively simple task, professionals discourage you from doing it personally especially if you have not chosen a cheap paper and this is not a single color because, the chances of the patterns do not match and there are inadequate paper separations, they multiply and the savings that we had considered at first, becomes a waste of time and paper, instead you have the Affordable Interior Paiting team, which will facilitate your work, saving time, money and even the stress that can be generated by doing a bad step that can ruin all the work.

    We install wallpaper on all the walls of your space, making sure to use subtle colors if you are one of those who constantly renew your walls, but very little you do, we also install papers in intense colors and very strong patterns that give it a lot of personality.

    In the same way we can install the wallpaper on a single wall and in the rest we apply the color that fits best so that everything is well coordinated. We have many themes from which you can choose for any space in your home or office, for example Geometrics , floral, striped etc, if you have any idea of ​​any that we do not have at the moment do not worry that we get it in the shortest time possible.

    As our variety is in our themes, we also install the wallpaper in different ways such as sloping roof, it is a challenge for us, but from now on we tell you that we have the capacity to carry out the work and many others giving as a result final a spectacular effect.

    One of our masterpieces is to install our wallpapers, inside the wall moldings, acting as a kind of canvas .. The molding will make the effect of the frame and you will have your own work of art in wallpaper.

    We can create an interesting focal point by papering the back of a bookcase or dresser. It will become the center of all eyes if you also show family treasures, as well as a pleasant source of conversation with visitors.

    For more information about our projects and ideas, contact us and also know our offers.

    Article created based on: Papel pintado: todo lo que necesitas saber (n.d.).

    Wallpaper in New York
    Wallpaper in New York
  • Office Painting in New York

    Office Painting in New York
    Office Painting in New York

    When it comes to decorating an office or an office, not only must factors such as furniture or lighting be taken into account, but it is also extremely important that the colors that will be part of the walls be chosen with great care, since these They have a lot of influence on the mood of the people. Therefore, depending on the color you choose, you can gain creativity, concentration, serenity, relaxation ... Of course, when choosing the colors of the office you should also think about the dimensions of space, always choosing clear tones if it is a room with few square meter.

    Maybe you are not aware of this information and paint any color that appeals to you or you simply present doubts when choosing the right color for the walls of your office. That is why in Affordable Interior Painting, we will give you some key tips that we apply so that your office, besides looking spectacular, will generate the success you so much desire.


    It is a color that helps intellectual work and objectivity. Generally we apply it to small offices. It transmits a sense of order, cleanliness and tranquility. Therefore, it is ideal for people who require a lot of concentration.
    One of the white's problems is that it can be somewhat cold, so it's better to combine it with warm tones. Another solution is to include wooden elements (furniture, floor, accessories ...) to create a warmer office.

    Brown and earth tones

    These colors are perfect to combat stress and nervousness that can be generated in the workplace as they have relaxing effects. They also provide confidence representing the ideal colors for the offices of the bosses. It is important to know that you should not use dark browns since what you would achieve is to look like a smaller office than it is.


    A more than recommended color to paint the walls of the office is the green that, like the previous ones, also transmits relaxation. Of course, with a very important difference: stimulates creativity. Also, you should know that it favors concentration and individual work. If it seems a too bold option for your office or office, what we can do is combine it with a neutral tone. A safe option is to paint the walls combining white and green.

    They also provide a relaxing effect. In addition, you should know that in its softer versions it can provide a sense of space amplitude and enhance the luminosity. On the other hand, in its dark tones it transmits a touch of unique elegance.

    We are pleased to have a great palette of colors with the best brands. We also have the ability and experience to create new colors that impress our customers as they give the exclusivity you deserve. We have many more ideas to share with you just contact us and know our offers.

    Article created based on: Ana Pérez (2016).

    Office Painting in New York
    Office Painting in New York. Photo by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash

  • Residential paint with spray in New York

    Residential paint with spray in New York
    Residential paint with spray in New York

    When a person prepares to paint, what he first thinks about is using a brush and a roller. These elements are usually sufficient for most painting projects and especially for large projects, but to paint details on a difficult surface due to its recesses or small individual elements such as a window we use spray or spray paint, because it is less tedious than Brush painting and usually offers a smooth and even surface.

    One of the main advantages of spray painting or aerosol are speed and accessibility. Painting with a sprayer is much quicker to use than a brush or roller. The small particles of paint emitted from the sprayer ensure complete and rapid coverage in every corner or corner of a wall or a piece of furniture.

    Paint rollers can not easily access the corners of walls or spaces reduced by their shape. Also, if you try to force the roller it is likely to end up with scratches on the surface or wet paint stains. However, this problem can be eliminated by using a paint sprayer designed to spray a fine mist in hard to reach places.

    Paint rollers do not always offer a smooth finish at the end. However, this does happen with a spray gun because the paint particles form a thin layer, covering all the surfaces it touches. The truth is that this advantage is very attractive to paint furniture frames, stairs or windows, for example.

    Among the advantages of painting with spray is also its variety. The paint spraying and spraying devices are available in Affordable Interior Painting, in different sizes and varieties for use. There are many different types of spray paint according to the project for which it is carried out. In addition, the spray cans are easy to transport and to handle and this is a quality that we take into account when programming any painting project.

    We will make sure to protect the place where we will apply the paint to avoid unexpected and unwanted spots. It is also very important to use the spray correctly, something we know how to handle perfectly, with this the paint will not go beyond where it should go.

    We will apply the best techniques so that our work is impeccable and with the neatness that characterizes us, using the correct distance between the spray and the object to be painted, to avoid an accumulation of paint, sagging or squeezing.

    Contact us to expand this information and get to know our promotions.

    Article created based on: Ventajas de pintar con spray (2016), Brocoydeco (n.d.).

    Residential paint with spray in New York
    Residential paint with spray in New York. Image by



    Painted stripes will bring a very modern look to your rooms. Highly recommended for walls of the hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, kids rooms etc.

    They can be used in all kinds of combinations between colors, materials, textures, finishes, etc. When the material, colors and width of the stripes are used properly beautiful finishes can be achieved.

    If you are decorating your home, office or any other commercial space and planing on using painted stripes as your decorating solution, please give us a call today, or fill-out our free estimate form and we will contact you shortly.

    Also at  Affordable Interior Paiting Oklahoma provide a range of exceptional services including Asphalt Topping, Asphalt Repair, Seal Coating, new parking lot striping, Fire Lane markings, ADA Signs and symbols painting and installation, re-striping, car stops, crack sealing, and speed bumps. Stripe Specialist only uses Aexcel Gorilla Brand Traffic Paint; Gorilla brand traffic paint is solvent-borne acrylic traffic paints that dry quickly and provide better durability compared to traditional fast-dry paint.  Make sure to ask about the brand of paint used when calling other companies for estimates. At Stripe Specialist, we provide the kind of expertise only 30-years of experience can provide and ensure you get the best materials for your hard-earned budget.  

  • Fine Paints of Europe’s Hollandlac New York


    Color Depth and Fade-Resistant

    Hollandlac, a Dutch oil-based, ultra high-gloss enamel, has great depth of color and resists fading. Fine Paints of Europe's Hollandlac comes in Brilliant and Satin for interiors and exteriors. Brilliant is for surfaces that need a deep look, shimmer or pop, while Satin is a bit more subdued but no less attractive.

    A bonus is that Hollandlac is marine quality, which means it can be used on pool surfaces and the like. Another upside of Hollandlac is its covering power. In two coats it can cover any existing color on a given surface.

    Variety of Use

    Affordable Interior Paiting New York expert painters have applied Paints of Europe's Hollandlac to wood, all sorts of metals (stairs, railing, tables) and plaster, but it can also be used on woodboard and plastic. PNP has applied it to doors, kitchen cabinets, fireplaces, stair risers, furniture, floors, decks, fireplaces and a variety of other objects and surfaces.

    Color Options

    The Hollandlac color palette is expansive with 10,000 FPE colors, 3,000 Pantone colors and, as Fine Paints of Europe notes, “an unlimited number of custom-tinted colors.” Fine Paints of Europe made Hollandlac's whites look absolutely luminous, or subdued, depending on one's particular aesthetic.

    Surface Appearance
    Hollandlac looks absolutely incredible on interior doors and trim. Since the paint flows nicely out of the brush, it appears as though the coating has been sprayed on. But upon closer inspection there is a fine brush stroke, giving the coating that “old fashioned” finish that so many NYC residents are looking for.



    We have a page with complete information about our company and the services we provide, and for any questions we have available our social networks, contact form and phone line.


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